Bosch CSG656RS7, oven (stainless steel)

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Chan eil e sa bhùth

MPN: CSG656RS7 EAN: 4242005125951

£1,696.86 Inc. Vat

Chan eil e sa bhùth

With the compact steam oven Bosch CSG656RS7 with PerfectBake baking sensor and PerfectRoast roasting thermometer you can easily get the perfect baking and roasting results. It convinces with a useful capacity of 47 liters and is equipped with a 1-liter water tank and external steam generation. By adding steam, foods are crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside.14 Different types of heating make baking, frying, grilling and steaming easier and can be conveniently adjusted thanks to the TFT touch display with plain text and illustrations and the intuitive control ring. The Assist function automatically adjusts the optimum heating mode, temperature and duration for countless dishes. With the energy-saving cleaning support EcoClean Direct Plus you have hardly any plastering thanks to a special coating of the interior walls, the back wall and the ceiling, which absorb fats automatically. Via smartphone or tablet, the CSG656RS7 can be remotely controlled and controlled with the Home Connect function.

Clas èifeachdas lùtha A +
Caitheamh lùtha airson modh teasachaidh teasachaidh / convection an inneal 0.61 kWh
Caitheamh lùtha airson seòrsa teasachaidh Gu gnàthach an inneal 0.73 kWh
Meud feumail an àmhainn 47 liters
Meud an inneal M (medium) 35- 64 liters
sgaoilidhean fuaim KA
Type àmhainn
dath stàilinn
EAN 4242005125951
Dèanadair no. CSG656RS7
Smart Dachaigh co-chòrdail Ceangal Dachaigh
Suidheachadh Làr a ’seasamh
seirbheis TFT touch display with plain text display, info button
Taisbeanadh / Taisbeanadh TFT touch display
beachdan Oven with hanging grids, 1-fold telescopic extension, full extension, with stop function, PerfectBake back sensor (permanently measures the moisture content in the oven and thus regulates the baking process automatically), PerfectRoast roasting thermometer (sensor measures the core temperature of the roast, can also be used for steaming) , external steam generation, stainless steel impeller, oven handle made of solid stainless steel, Ecoclean equipment: ceiling, back wall, side walls
àmhainn caoimhneil Steamer, grill, hot air, conventional (upper and lower heat), circulating air
  seòmraichean còcaireachd 1 pìos.
  Teòthachd atharrachail bho 30 ° C gu 250 ° C.
  Seòrsan teasachaidh 14 pcs, 4d hot air, + hot air gentle, top / bottom heat, top / bottom heat Eco, convection infra grill, large grill, small surface grill, pizza stage, bottom heat, intensive heat, gentle cooking, preheating, drying, keeping warm; additional types of heating with steam: steaming, regenerating, fermenting, thawing
  operating ring Tha
  feartan (Electronic) clock, oven lighting, rapid heating, temperature suggestion, actual temperature control, heating control, Sabbath control, assist function, additional functions: descaling program, automatic boiling point adjustment, drying function
  inneal fosglaidh doras fillte
  doras àmhainn Doras làn glainne a-staigh, air a thàthadh
  tèarainteachd Child safety device, Cooling furnace front, Cooling fan, Residual heat indicator, Safety shutdown, Start button, Door contact switch
  glanadh EcoClean, enamel coated walls
  Barrachd ghnìomhan Temperature suggestion, actual temperature control, heating control, Sabbath control, assist function, additional functions: descaling program, automatic boiling point adjustment, drying function
Bàtaichean-smùid Tanca uisge comas 1 litr
    seilbhean With steam generator, empty display
Solar cumhachd 220 volts – 240 volts, frequency 50/60 Hz
Fiosrachadh a bharrachd Oven lighting can be switched off
uidheam ri fhaotainn 1 x steam container, perforated, size S, 1 x steam container, perforated, size XL, 1 x steam container, unperforated, size S, 1 x, grid, 1 x universal pan
Meud Leud: 594 mm x àirde: 455 mm x doimhneachd / fad: 548 mm
cùil leud mionaid 560 mm, max. 568 mm
  àirde mionaid 450 mm, max. 455 mm
  doimhneachd mionaid 550 mm
Fad an sreang cumhachd 150 cm
tomad 36.4 kg