Cooler Master MWE Gold 650W 120mm Silencio LDB Fan 80 PLUS Gold Fully Modular PSU

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MPN: MPY-6501-AFAAG-UK EAN: 4719512069738

£90.36 Inc. Vat

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MWE GOLD 650 FULL MODULAR BE BOLD, POWER WITH GOLD. The MWE Gold offers a highly efficient, affordable power solution with fully modular cabling. Enjoy consistent 90% efficiency with an 80 PLUS Gold certification. Cooler Master’s design techniques ensure improved efficiency while maintaining low temperatures and quiet operation. The high quality, heat resistant components maintain gold level performance even at increased temperatures up to 45 C. A near quiet Silencio fan with an exclusive LDB bearing reduces noise and lasts longer than standard fan bearings. Modular cables improve airflow by reducing cable bulk. Be bold, power with gold. Full Modular Flat Cables Full modular flat cables are easy to install, reduce clutter, and maximize airflow. 80 PLUS Gold Certified The 80 PLUS Gold certification guaranties a minimum typical efficiency of 90%. Durable and silent LDB Bearing Silencio technology combines sealed LDB bearings with quiet fan blades delivering a long lifetime of quiet cooling. Proven Thermal Resistance Engineered to operate at full performance in temperatures up to 45�C, providing reliability in even the hottest environments. High Efficiency and Stable Output The MWE Gold�s full-bridge design coupled with LLC, Synchronous, and DC to DC topology technologies offers reliable and stable Voltage outputs. modail MWE Gold Àireamh modail MPY-6501-AFAAG-UK Type ATX 12V V2.31 PFC PFC gnìomhach (> 0.95 àbhaisteach) Input bholtaids 100-240V Inntrigeadh an-dràsta 12-6A Freagarrachd a-steach 50 / 60Hz Meud Fan 120mm Fan Bearing LDB Powergood Signal 100 - 500 ms Ùine cumail suas > 14 ms @ 100% load ErP 2013 Lot 6 Tha MTBF > 100,000 Uairean Teòthachd Obrach 0 – 45�C Prìobhaideachd OVP / OPP / UVP / SCP / OTP teisteanasan 80 PLUS Òr Connections 1 x MB 24-pin 1 x CPU 12V 4+4 Pin 8 x SATA 6 x Peripheral 4-Pin 1 x FDD Cable 4-Pin 4 x PCI-e 6+2 Pin cuideam Net: 2.21 kg Gross: 2.51 kg Dimensions ( L x B x H ) 160 x 150 x 86mm