Cronus Hypnos Micro Tower 2 X Usb 3.0 Sound-Dampened Black Case

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MPN: CRONUS-HYPNOS EAN: 5055492408242

£28.91 Inc. Vat

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The new Cronus Hypnos is a premium Micro ATX silent PC case, sound-dampening materials on the front and both side panels. Optimally designed for silent computing with high density noise reduction. The front panel has a clean and modern design with a nice brushed stroked effect. This case will look great in home or business environments. This is a silent case that is not just about the aesthetics, the front panel allows you to get the correct balance of airflow in your system with three ways for air to get into your PC, down both sides and the bottom. The thought for airflow is enhanced further with room to mount three fans in total, 1 x 140mm front fan and a 1 x 120mm rear fan are pre-installed. For an Micro ATX there is plenty of space to build with four cut outs and room to fit a graphics card with a max length of 390mm, a CPU cooler with a max height of 160mm. You are able to get a nice-looking build configurated easily and efficiently. The IO panel located on the top offers easier access to your IO ports which includes 2 x USB 3.0 ports and HD audio with headphone and microphone. pRÌOMH CHOMHARRAN – Sound-Dampening Material: The Cronus Hypnos has 3 sides of sound-dampening material to suppress vibration and the noise your PC generates creating the ultimate silent PC. – Airflow: Both sides of the front panel have intake channels running down them and room for air to get into the bottom of the front panel allowing for the air to flow all around your chassis keeping the inside temperature in optimum condition. – Cooling Options: The Cronus Hypnos has room to mount three fans in total and includes 1 x 140mm front fan and 1 x 120mm rear fan and water cooling options your system has air running throughout with intake and exhaust cooling options. – Well-Built: With a high intensity all black coated chassis and a thickness of approximately 0.8mm, this chassis boasts a robust durability and a quality looking interior with anti vibration rubber pads on the SSD mounting area. – USB Ports: Located on the top of the front panel are your I/O port buttons with easy access to the built in 2 x USB 3.0 and HD audio ports even if your PC case is situated under a desk. modail Hypnos Foirm Factor Tùr Micro Taic bòrd-màthar Micro ATX Mini-ITX Taic PSU ATX àbhaisteach Suidheachadh PSU Bottom PSU air a ghabhail a-steach Chan eil Dùthchasach 0.8mm SPCC Steel Pannal Taobh Steel Bàghan Slighe Taobh a-staigh 3.5 ″: 2 Taobh a-staigh 2.5 ″: 5 Leudachadh Slots: 4 fuarachadh Front: 2 x 120mm Fans / 1 x 140mm Fan (1 x 140mm Fan Included) Rear: 1 x 120mm Fan (1 x 120mm Fan Included) Taic Radiator Front: 120mm Pannal I / O. 2 x USB 3.0 1 x HD Audio 1 x Microphone Colour Dubh Clearance GPU Max Length: 390mm CPU Cooler Maximum Height: 160mm Na tha anns a ’bhogsa Case Screw Pack Meudan toraidh (W x H x D) 195 x 460 x 392mm Meudan pacaidh (W x H x D) 250 x 435 x 530mm cuideam Net: 6 KGs Gross: 7.5 KGs