Neach-togail Evo Labs Rgb 7 Meur-chlàr Gaming Usb air a stiùireadh le dath

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MPN: AK-HC-07BK EAN: 4710614534841

£8.47 Inc. Vat

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EVO LABS BUILDER RGB GAMING KEYBOARD The Evo Labs Builder RGB has everything you would want from a gaming keyboard and will fit right in with your other peripherals. You can switch between 7 different colours at the touch of a button with bright LEDs running throughout to provide true colour lighting. With a low profile base and minimal border, the Builder RGB has a clean and simplistic design. Keeping your set up clutter free. The Builder has 12 multimedia functions in total ranging from media controls right the way through to office applications, all located on the F key functions. Made from high quality ABS and fitted with a touch membrane under each key, you can expect nothing but a smooth experience when using the keyboard for either gaming or work. The Builder is designed for gaming, creative or general office work and is a great option if you are looking for fantastic performance and nice aesthetics without paying a small fortune for a keyboard. pRÌOMH CHOMHARRAN – RGB LED Backlight: There are seven permanent lighting modes to choose from, you can easily change the LED backlight colour, press FN & LED button to cycle through the colours fading in and out and easily adjustable brightness can create an incredibly looking gaming set up and atmosphere. – Made Using High Quality Materials: The Builder is made using high quality touch membrane, creating robust long-lasting keys, allows for excellent durability during use. – Gaming Functions: Press FN and “W” button to change the “W”, “S”, “A” and “D” with “Up”, “Down”, “Left” and “Right”. To quickly swap the cursor keys for game play. – Multimedia Functions: 12 multimedia functions are on offer with the Builder, press FN & F1-F12 to access these frequently used programs at the touch of a button. – USB Connector: Plug and play, easy to install. Ceangalachd USB Number of Key 105 Fad Cable 1.5m Dath LED 7 (Red, Green, Blue, Cyan, White, Purple & Yellow) Cumhachd obrach 5V = 100mA MTBF 5 Million Keystrokes Gnìomhan ioma-mheadhain FN + F1 to F12 F1: Open Default Media Player Program F2: Decrease System Volume F3: Increase System Volume F4: Mute System Volume F5: Stop Current Media Track F6: Play Previous Media Track F7: Play Or Pause Current Media Track F8: Play Next Media Track F9: Open Default E-mail Program (Not Web-Mail) F10: Open Home Page F11: Lock Keys F12: Open Calculator Prìomh Elasticity 44 + - 10g Prìomh fheachd 30 + - 5g Pre-Travel Distance of Keys 1.2 +/- 0.3mm Total Travel Distance of Keys 6.0 + - 0.3mm Teòthachd àrainneachd obrach -6?C to + 46?C Obrach Taiseachd 10?C to 80?C obrach bholtaids +5V ? 0.25V obrach an-dràsta 100mA (Max) Co-fhreagarrachd bathar-bog Windows 2000 / XP / ME / Vista / 7 / 8 / 10 Mac OSX Linux Android Colour Dubh Na tha anns a ’bhogsa Keyboard Manual Meudan Aonaid (W x H x D) 436 x 30 x 134mm Meudan pacaidh (W x H x D) 454 x 160 x 36mm cuideam Net: 0.61 KGs Gross: 0.74 KGs