Philips Senseo Switch Hd6592 / 60, Inneal Cofaidh Filter & Pad (Dubh)

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MPN: HD6592 / 60 EAN: 8710103845287

£142.56 Inc. Vat

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With the Philips Senseo Switch HD6592 / 60 coffee maker, you can make a pot of favorite filter coffee for yourself and your guests in no time at all, or you can prepare your very own cup from the Senseo at the push of a button. Thanks to the simple and user-friendly 2-in-1 brewing technology, you can make a cup or cup of filter or pad coffee as you like. In addition to the normal, mild coffee can be prepared with the Senseo Switch HD6592 / 60 also a strong, small coffee. Just press the 1-cup button or the 2-cup button twice. And Crema Plus gives you coffee with a fine, velvety crema layer – cup by cup.

Type inneal pad
dath dubh
EAN 8710103845287
Dèanadair no. HD6592/60
dealbhadh Thermo jug made of stainless steel
comas cupannan 7
  Tanca uisge 1 litr
glanadh scaling indicator
àirde cupa Max. 130 mm
cuir cuideam air Bar 1
feartan Removable water tank, drip tray removable, water level indicator, cup scale, automatic switch-off, descaling reminder, 2-cup cover
beachdan Various types of pad and filter coffee for every occasion, delicious crema as proof of Senseo quality
seirbheis Jug or cup at the touch of a button
Solar cumhachd tricead inntrigidh 50 Hz
  caitheamh gnìomhachais 1,450 watts
  fad càball 0.8 meatairean
siostam cofaidh Senseo
seilbhean Transparent water tank, suitable for coffee powder
feart Crema Plus, intensity adjustment, 2-in-1 brewing technology for pad and filter coffee machines in one
Fiosrachadh a bharrachd Brewing time of a cup: 30 seconds, brewing time of a pot: 8.5 minutes
uidheam ri fhaotainn Pad holder, coffee pot
Meud Leud: 150 mm x àirde: 270 mm x doimhneachd / fad: 400 mm
cuideam 1.8 kg